Gender Pay Gap Reporting

We operate an equal pay policy and have no incidences of male and female employees with the same levels of experience being paid differently for the same role.

Scott Dunn Limited’s Gender Pay Gap Data:

  • Women’s hourly rate is 5.5% higher (mean) and 14.5% higher (median)
  • Top salary quartile has 10.3% men and 89.7% women
  • Upper middle salary quartile has 23.2% men and 76.8% women
  • Lower middle salary quartile has 35.3% men and 64.7% women
  • Lower salary quartile has 29.4% men and 70.6% women
  • Women’s bonus pay is 121.9% higher (mean) and 95.6% higher (median)
  • 38.9% of men and 58.7% of women received bonus pay

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