Colonial Colombo by Vintage Car

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colonial Colombo by Vintage Car is a fabulous way to explore this evolving city as the sun sets. Cruise around in your chauffeur driven vintage car and retrace Colombo's colonial past.

Starting at around 7pm, you will be met by your local host for the evening. Step into your chauffeur driven vintage ride, and spend two hours driving to various locations of cultural interest.

Colombo was previously a sleepy sea port but was then seized by the Portuguese in the 16th Century. Like many parts of India, they built churches throughout Sri Lanka, although sadly these fell into ruins after they were conquered.

The Dutch took over in the 17th Century and to this day you can see the influence they had on architecture throughout Colombo and beyond. Many of the Dutch structures remain including the decadent churches and the iconic Dutch Hospital which today welcomes locals and tourists alike with a hub of shops, restaurants and bars.

The British were the final conquerors of this teardrop island, who took over from the Dutch during the height of the British Empire. British Ceylon was established in 1915, and Colombo Fort area was developed as their administrative base. Their rule lasted until 1948 when Sri Lanka gained independence, yet the old world charm still lingers here in iconic landmarks including the Galle Clock Tower, The Lighthouse and the ever-popular Galle Face hotel.

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