Batticaloa by Bicycle

East Coast, Sri Lanka

Spend the day exploring Batticaloa and the surrounding countryside by bicycle, visiting some of the more interesting sites and taking in the beautiful scenery.

The total cycling distance is only around 15km, but there will be lots of stops en route and time for snacks and water breaks, so the whole experience takes around 6-7 hours.

Whilst the main religion in Sri Lanka is Buddhism, the population of Batticaloa is mostly Tamil and Muslim. Your first stop of the day will be at a beautiful temple dedicated to Shiva, one of the principal gods in Hinduism. You will then visit an organic farm, where you can learn about the variety of fruit and vegetables that thrive in coastal soil.

Cycle along the coast, stopping to chat to local fishermen (although your guide will probably need to translate!), and admire their catch. Have a snack and some water whilst you take in the views, before continuing on to a handloom factory. Batticaloa is famous for its handlooms, and many locals have them at home. In the factory, watch the handlooms at work, spinning colourful threads into textiles.

Finish the tour with lunch at a local Muslim family's house. Enjoy traditional rice and curry in the shade of the family's lovely garden.

Please note that Batticaloa is a fairly conservative area, therefore visitors should dress appropriately. The rural villages in particular have had little exposure to western culture, therefore you should cover your shoulders and knees. This also means toilet facilities are often very basic. Whilst your guide will try their best to find you the best rest stops, we suggest being open-minded and bringing some tissues.

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