Organic Farm Tour on Denis Island

Outer Islands, Seychelles

Discover the diversity and abundance of what Denis Private Island has to offer, with a visit to its organic farm.

Denis Private Island is committed to ensuring that its numerous treasures remain for future generations to enjoy, and aims to be as self sufficient as possible. All food is local wherever possible and the island's farm rears poultry and cattle, and well as cultivating gardens for vegetables, herbs and spices. Coconut oil production has been resumed in the old "calorifer", and the cold pressed oil is used in many of the Spa's treatments and therapies.

The island has eradicated all non-indigenous wildlife and has rehabilitated into the natural habitat native broad-leaved trees and endemic bird species. Nowhere else in the world will a morning’s walk bring you across the Seychelles fody, magpie robin, paradise flycatcher and the Seychelles warbler.

A lot of work has been carried out to ensure the reef flats – essential nursery and feeding grounds for fish and green turtles – and its inhabitants, from damsels to seagrass beds; remain intact to play a crucial role in the island's ecosystem. Hawksbill and green turtles laying their eggs on Denis’ protected shoreline are monitored and tagged, providing valuable information assisting the protection of the species.

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