Things to Do in Seychelles

Not only is the Seychelles a peaceful place to while away your days, basking in the tranquillity of your sumptuous hotel, it is also pure adventure waiting to happen. We'll carefully curate your itinerary to expose you to some of the Indian Ocean's most colorful experiences and things to do.

Split your time between exploring dazzling coral reefs, acquainting yourself with the local turtles and other friendly marine life, and sipping on freshly fallen coconuts, while indulging in traditional Creole cuisine; seafood curry is always the order of the day. Allow yourself to be captivated. Hire a bike to trek the mountainous terrain until you stumble upon beaches that pulsate with rolling waves and will make your heart skip a beat. As one of the most superior dive havens in the world, the inner granite islands which are the peaks of a vast underwater plateau, make for a thrilling and unique marine occasion. Or for those nature aficionados who prefer to keep your feet firmly on the sand, free roaming Giant Aldabra Land Tortoises, scattered across the islands are patiently awaiting your arrival as they languidly soak up the sun; some have been known to live up to 150 years old.

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