Best Time to Visit Portugal

With more days of sunshine than anywhere else in Europe, the best time to visit Portugal really depends on the type of holiday you want. In the summer months of July and August, the days can be quite hot and the locals take the beaches and resort towns to escape the heat and enjoy the lovely, warm water.

In spring, the countryside comes alive with blooms and the moderate temperatures make touring and sightseeing during the day pleasant. The harvest season is in autumn, but the temperatures are still warm and the summer crowds have lessened. In the winter months (November – February), the temperatures have dropped, but the days will be sunny. Beach resorts are closed but this is a lovely time to see the cities without the holiday crowds. Our Portugal experts will be able to talk you through each season and help you choose the time of travel that is right for you.

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Climate guide for Portugal

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Algarve 27°C 0mm 25°C 0mm 23°C 0mm 22°C 0mm 19°C 0mm 19°C 0mm 14°C 0mm 16°C 0mm 17°C 0mm 21°C 0mm 23°C 0mm 25°C 0mm
Lisbon and Alentejo 11°C 43mm 13°C 25mm 15°C 51mm 15°C 92mm 20°C 16mm 19°C 15mm 21°C 1mm 22°C 10mm 22°C 19mm 18°C 50mm 15°C 143mm 13°C 108mm
Madeira 0°C 74mm 3°C 166mm 5°C 127mm 13°C 122mm 19°C 139mm 22°C 211mm 25°C 140mm 23°C 128mm 23°C 14mm 14°C 90mm 4°C 69mm 4°C 80mm
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