Places to Visit in Philippines

For the most intrepid travellers in search of respite from daily life, the Philippines is home to a wonderment of inspiring places to visit. From the emerald rice fields of Banaue in the mountains of north-central Luzon to the much adored Boracay and Palawan Islands, which are teeming with adventure and natural attractions such as underground rivers and kaleidoscopic reefs, our team of experts are well equipped to help guide you through this majestic country.

Places to visit

Megacities, where the deep culture and art of the Philippines dates back thousands of years, have also developed a new form of contemporary Filipino art, which easily rivals that of the western world, while there are numerous art museums scattered all over Manila and other major cities. To experience the very best of the Philippines is to experience its traditional cuisine, which has never been easier. Whether you find yourself at a trendy eatery in the vibrant city of Manila or relaxing against a backdrop of whispering palms, the local produce is presented with flair and superb attention to detail.

Map featuring best places to visit in Philippines

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  • Manila Philippines
  • Siargao Island Philippines
  • Palawan Philippines
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