Best Time to Visit Norway

For the warmest temperatures of the year and most hours of sunshine, the best time to visit Norway is during the summer months of June through to August. May and September are the most charming times to visit with the beginnings of Spring and then the stunning Autumn colours acting as a stunning backdrop to the incredible scenery. You can also expect fewer visitors.

Climate guide for Norway

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Alesund & West Coast Fjords 2°C 170mm 5°C 40mm 4°C 4mm 9°C 1mm 8°C 3mm 13°C 4mm 15°C 1mm 15°C 16mm 11°C 6mm 8°C 41mm 3°C 4mm 5°C 0mm
Bergen & Hordaland 3°C 195mm 5°C 105mm 5°C 248mm 10°C 10mm 9°C 89mm 14°C 181mm 16°C 164mm 16°C 454mm 12°C 302mm 8°C 288mm 3°C 42mm 5°C 355mm
Northern Norway -16°C 3mm -15°C 5mm -6°C 13mm 4°C 37mm 10°C 55mm 17°C 88mm 20°C 111mm 18°C 137mm 14°C 125mm 4°C 80mm -5°C 6mm -10°C 8mm
Oslo -3°C 41mm 0°C 101mm 2°C 102mm 8°C 13mm 10°C 108mm 15°C 142mm 17°C 68mm 16°C 150mm 11°C 185mm 5°C 128mm 0°C 189mm 0°C 76mm
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