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Morocco is the spot where Arabia, Africa and Europe meet. It is a melting pot of cultures and influences which reveal themselves in its buildings, landscapes and people. Its history, marked by Roman invasion, Moorish conquest, and European colonisation, is so seamlessly woven into the fabric of the country, becoming an integral part of its allure.

In less than four hours, you can leave behind familiar home turf and land in this otherworldly destination. Whilst a long weekend in Marrakech is the perfect getaway, biding your time and staying a little longer on a family adventure or a honeymoon will guarantee a holiday you will never forget.

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Morocco for Culture

Morocco; a dusty, rusty landscape that captivates the mind and assaults the senses. From meeting the Berber communities of the Atlas Mountains to watching the street theatre of Marrakech's Djemaa el-Fna square, unique cultural experiences abound in Morocco. We've handpicked our highlights from north to south. read more

Family Adventures in Morocco

For a family holiday that is truly unique, look no further than Morocco. A short flight takes you to the doorstep of a different world, a maze of bustling souks, ancient Kasbahs and rugged mountainscapes which are bound to enthral and excite even the youngest of imaginations. From the exotic intrigue of Marrakech, to the old pirate port of Essaouira and the shifting sand dunes of the Sahara, Morocco is a playground for children.

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Morocco for Romance

Imagine a candlelit dinner surrounded by the tumbling dunes of the Sahara, a night at a luxurious Kasbah in the heart of the Atlas Mountains, or lazing away an afternoon on a private rooftop overlooking Marrakech's medina. In a heartbeat, you are bound to fall under the spell of Morocco's pulsating cities, rugged coastline and otherworldly desertscapes. To celebrate this remarkably romantic destination, we've handpicked our five favourite properties, just perfect for you and your loved one.

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Morocco for foodies

Morocco is a food lover’s dream. While here, you must do your fair share of “bite-seeing.” Allow yourself to get lost in the medina and let your taste buds guide your journey. The food here is a fusion of cultures, spices and textures, where sweet, spicy and savory flavors are all balanced harmoniously. Sample the country’s most famous dishes, like fragrant tagines served in clay cooking pots, hearty bean soups (B’ssara), smoky roasted vegetable salads (zaalouk), rich tomato, lamb soup (Harira), sticky dates, gooey honey, pillowy bread and fluffy couscous. Save room for desert, because Morocco is known for its rich pastries perfumed with fruits, nuts and spices.

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