Best Time to Visit Mauritius

Being smack in the middle of the tropics, Mauritius’ climate is warm year-round but depending on your holiday must haves, there are times of year that may suit you more. Do you crave heat? Then the best time to visit is late December to March, although this coincides with the rainy season (downpours are common in the afternoons). Prices tend to be higher, especially around Christmas with hotels booking up fast.

During our summer, from May to September, the trade winds rise and temperatures (and prices) drop. Never fear, our experts know the hotels to escape the breeze and enjoy the sunshine – we recommend the north or west coasts at this time. It’s a great period for travelling with kids and also coincides with the safari season in Africa for a wildlife and waves combination. In addition, it also happens to be THE season for kite surfing! Our spring (April) and Autumn (October – mid December) are idyllic for the beach with warm sunshine and calm seas. This was voted as when to go by our team, but no matter the month, Mauritius is a delight whenever you decide to go!

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