Malaysian Home Cooking, Kuching

Kuching, Borneo, Malaysia

This half day experience is a lovely way to learn about Malaysian cuisine and to gain an insight into the everyday life of local families. You will be involved in the entire culinary process from market to table.

Your day will start with a visit to a local market. Take in the vibrant sites, sounds and smells before making your purchases of the day's ingredients.

You will then head to the home of a local family, where they will show you how to transform the ingredients into tasty local dishes. You will be able to get hands-on and try cooking yourself, as well as spend time with the family and learn about their culture and day to day life. And of course, once the cooking is done, enjoy the fruits of your labour by joining the family for a meal.

Please note that whilst most of the families can speak English, this is unlikely to be fluent. However Malaysians are usually very warm and welcoming, and so it is normally possible to find an amicable way to communicate without always speaking the same language! You will usually need to remove your shoes before entering a Malaysian home.  

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