Kampung Tour - Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Head out of Kuala Lumpur to gain an insight into Malaysia's rural life. Spend the afternoon visiting a local village before taking a boat trip into a mangrove forest, where there are often thousands of fireflies lighting up the trees on the riverbank.

Kuala Selangor is only 90 minutes from the capital, and yet the way of life is very different indeed. Here, the main occupations are fishing and farming. Whilst the lifestyle may be different to Kuala Lumpur, the population in the Malaysian countryside is a similar mixing pot of cultures and ethnicities. During the tour you will visit a Chinese fishing village to learn more about the local's day to day life, and you will also have a delicious Chinese seafood dinner before beginning your evening's adventures.

After dinner, you will be taken upstream in a rowing boat. The area is famous for its fireflies, and there are often so many that the banks of the river look like they are adorned with Christmas trees with twinkling lights. There are a few different species of firefly in region. One of the species is the Pteroptyx Tener, and these insects are best known for their rather charming display of synchronised flashes!

Please note that the whole experience lasts around six to seven hours including transfers, however you will not leave Kuala Lumpur until mid-afternoon, as you cannot see the fireflies until the evening. As you will be on and around water, we suggest bringing plenty of mosquito repellent with you.

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