Bako National Park

Kuching, Borneo, Malaysia

Only 37 kilometres from Kuching, Bako is Sarawak's oldest national park. Renowned for its biodiversity, the park offers a wonderful opportunity to see an amazing array of Borneo's flora and fauna.

To reach the park, it is a 30 minute transfer by road from Kuching, followed by a 30 minute scenic boat ride. Once in the park, there are a number of different trekking paths. Accompanied by an English-speaking guide, walk amongst the lush greenery, keeping an eye out for the local wildlife, which includes long-tailed macaques, bearded pigs, silvered-leaf monkeys and monitor lizards. If you are lucky, you may even spot proboscis monkeys. Recognised for their pendulous (and some might say comic) noses, these primates can only be found in the wild in the rainforests of Borneo.

Bako is also well known for its plant life. Despite being one of the smaller national parks, within Bako it is possible to see almost every type of vegetation that can be found on Borneo. This is because the park has seven eco-systems, which provide an ideal habitat for a wide range of plants. The eco-systems within Bako are; Beach Vegetation, Cliff Vegetation, Heath Forest, Mangrove Forest, Mixed Dipterocarp Forest, Grasslands Vegetation and Peat Swamp Forest.

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