Things to Do in Malawi

At Lake Malawi, inevitably the focus is on the water and visitors can experience a number of activities on and in the water from boat trips, kayaking, snorkelling and canoeing. For scuba divers, diving in Lake Malawi can add freshwater diving to their repertoire as well as the chance to see an array of tropical fish in typically very good visibility.

However, to get a real feel for this magical country we encourage visitors to include a visit to a local village to get a glimpse of local life and to meet some of the very proud and welcoming villagers. In the wildlife areas, while the wildlife isn’t as concentrated as in other countries in Southern Africa, you will be likely to see elephant, buffalo, monkey, crocodile, a number of antelope and phenomenal birdlife. In the far north and south of the country, horse riding, mountain biking, hiking and birdwatching in the vast and remote green hills is unforgettable. This is just a taste of experiences and things to do in Malawi. Let our travel experts organise a once in a lifetime trip for you.

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