Mumbo Island Lodge

Mumbo Island Lodge is a magically secluded island eco-camp in Lake Malawi National Park. Offering great value and a wonderful natural setting, Mumbo Island Lodge is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the world’s finest freshwater snorkelling and diving.

Lake Malawi, Malawi
Mumbo Island Lodge
  • Feel like you've really escaped the modern world and stay on this island in the middle of Lake Malawi.

  • Swim and snorkel around the crystal clear waters of Lake Malawi.

  • Hike around the trails traversing the island and meander through the Miombo Forest.

  • Relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the lake from your hammock outside your room.

Mumbo Island is a pristine and otherwise-deserted tropical island surrounded by the blue waters of Lake Malawi National Park, the first Park in the world set aside for the protection of freshwater fish. With crystal clear waters and innumerable species of cichlid fish, the National Park offers what is often considered the best freshwater scuba diving in the world and the best snorkelling on Lake Malawi. Mumbo Island lies 10km northwest of Cape Maclear, where the reception and the nearest road access is located. The camp comprises five twin tents perched on rocks high above the water yet shaded by lush foliage, each with bucket showers, eco-loo and a wooden deck. A hammock provides a comfortable spot to take in the idyllic lake views. A twin-tented family unit is tucked into the forest near the main beach.

There is a dining area, bar and water sport gazebo of timber and thatch. To preserve as light a footprint as possible gas, paraffin and solar lights are used. Unlike most island destinations in the region, Mumbo Island has never been populated by humans and is still in its natural state. This, together with the focus on non-motorised water sports, makes Mumbo Island ideal both for those who seek relaxation in a remote area and the active outdoors enthusiast.

Activities at Mumbo island range from lazing in a hammock to snorkelling and diving among schools of cichlid fish, swimming and birding. You can also hire a kayak and explore some of the other nearby pristine islands. A family of otters has set up a holt in the bay, and are regularly seen.

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Take a kayak around the island with a pair of snorkels and flippers – hop out wherever you like and find some of the Lake’s famed endemic cichlid species

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