Vietnam festivals in 2016

Each year Vietnam observes a multitude of vibrant and spiritual celebrations. Many are Chinese in origin and most take place according to the lunar calendar, whilst others are religious and the annual rituals of minority groups are scattered throughout the year.

Late Jan - mid-Feb 2016

Tây Sơn Festival

Tây Sơn district (South central coast)
03 Feb 2016

Anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Vietnam

Throughout Vietnam
Feb 2016

Water-Puppet Festival

Thầy Pagoda (West of Hanoi)
07 Feb 2016

Vietnamese New Year's Eve

Throughout Vietnam
08 Feb 2016

Vietnamese New Year

Throughout Vietnam
09 Feb - 13 Feb 2016

Tết Nguyên Đán (Lunar new year)

Throughout Vietnam
19 Feb 2016

Cầu Ngư Festival

Thai Duong Village, Hướng Điền District (North central coast)
20 Feb 2016

Lim Singing Festival

Lim village - Red River Delta (Nr Hanoi)
08 Mar 2016

Núi Bà Festival

Tây Ninh (Mekong Delta)
Mar 2016

Hai Ba Trung Festival

Hai Ba Trung temple (Hanoi)
Mar - Apr 2016

Perfume Pagoda Festival

Chùa Hương (west of Hanoi)
Mar - Apr 2016

Đền Bà Chúa Kho

Nr Bắc Ninh (Red River Delta)
16 Apr 2016

Vietnamese Kings' Commemoration Day/Hùng Kings' Temple festival (observed 18 Apr)

Throughout Vietnam and Hùng Temple in Phú Thọ Province
30 Apr 2016

Liberation Day/Reunification Day (obeserved 2 May)

Throughout Vietnam
Apr 2016

Thanh Minh

Throughout Vietnam
01 May 2016

Labour Day (observed 2 May)

Throughout Vietnam
May 2016

Chúa Xứ Festival

Sam Mountain, Châu Đốc
19 May 2016

Ho Chi Minh's Birthday

Throughout Vietnam
21 May 2016

Lễ Phật Đản - Buddha's Birthday

Throughout Vietnam
Late May - early Jun 2016

Tết Đoan Ngọ - Summer Solstice

Throughout Vietnam
28 June

Vietnamese Family Day

Throughout Vietnam
17 Aug 2016

Vu Lan/Trạng Nguyên - Ghost Festival/Day of Wandering Souls

Throughout Vietnam
Aug 2016

Đồ Sơn buffalo-fighting Festival

Đồ Sơn village (nr Hai Phong)
02 Sept 2016

Quoc khánh - National Day/Independence Day

Throughout Vietnam
03 Sept 2016

Anniversary of the death of Ho Chi Minh

Throughout Vietnam
Sep - Oct 2016

Kate Festival/The Cham New Year

Po Klong Garai and Po Re Me (nr Phan Rang)
Sep - Oct 2016

Tết Trung Thu - Mid Fall Festival

Throughout Vietnam
Sep - Oct 2016

Whale Festival

Lăng Cá Ông in Vũng Tàu (nr Saigon)
20 October

Vietnamese Women's Day

Throughout Vietnam
Nov - Dec 2016

Oc Bom Boc Festival - Boat Racing

Sóc Trăng
Dec 2016

Đà Lạt Flower Festival

Đà Lạt City
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