High on the Central Asian plateau, landlocked between Russia to the north and China to the South, Mongolia is a vast wilderness of arid deserts, majestic mountains and endless green steppes. Seemingly untouched by tourism, Mongolia is famed for its nomadic tribespeople, horse culture and the legacy of Genghis Khan, emperor of the once-mighty Mongol Empire.

Only recently accessible to the outside world, Mongolia remains an untamed frontier, a paradise for adventure enthusiasts and intrepid travellers alike. A land once ruled by ruthless warriors and noble emperors, Mongolia’s wild landscapes and extraordinary history make it the perfect destination for stepping off the well-worn path to explore its unique beauty, nomadic culture and rich history. One of the most sparsely populated countries on earth, the Mongolian people are descended from ancient nomadic horse herdsmen, with many of the population still practicing this ancient way of life. Today, many Discover a land of vast blue skies, wild landscapes and famously warm hospitality, amongst some of the most sparsely populated landscapes on earth. Mongolians still roam the vast steppe as they have for thousands of years, living in felt tents, or ‘gers’ on the sweeping plains that stretch for miles across the landscape.

A true land of extremes, Mongolia is more than just endless plains and pastures. From the swathe of the Gobi Desert in the south, home to vast shifting dunes, ancient fossils and the spectacular Flaming Cliffs, to the Altai mountains in the west, land of the eagle hunters and the stunning Lake Khovsgol in the north, Mongolia’s diversity is astounding.

Many journeys through this otherworldly landscape begin in the thriving capital city of Ulaanbataar, spread across the Tuul River valley. With an emerging economy and a surprisingly cosmopolitan feel, Ulaanbataar’s cafés, restaurants and shops line the Soviet-era avenues, rubbing shoulders with traditional Buddhist temples and local Bazaars. But it is upon leaving this bustling city, stepping off the beaten track into a land of endless pastures, soaring mountains and hostile desert that you will discover the true essence of Mongolia, the “land of blue sky”.


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