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Luxury vacation destinations

There’s a whole world of possibilities out there for your next luxury vacation. And with Scott Dunn, you can choose from amazing destinations in all seven continents, staying in properties handpicked by our specialists.

There’s a whole world of possibilities out there for your next luxury vacation. And with Scott Dunn, you can choose from amazing destinations in all seven continents, staying in properties handpicked by our specialists. From luxury hotels by the ocean and beautiful chalets in the Alps, to tented camps on African plains and eco retreats in the mountains, we can take you almost anywhere. Whether you want an exciting adventure across several destinations, or a relaxing vacation in an exclusive and secluded hideaway, we can arrange it for you. Wherever you want to go, your vacation will be customized to fit.


From vast plains teeming with game, to lush waterways of the Okavango Delta, colorful markets of North Africa and vibrant Cape Town, this diverse continent is magnificent in its extremes. Let our experienced Africa specialists expertly guide you through the many choices and create your perfect vacation to Africa.


From rugged wilderness and dramatic mountains, to modern cities and endless beaches, there are many adventures waiting to be had in Australia and New Zealand. Those looking for adventure will love the amazing diversity of Australasia – and the warm welcome that comes with it.


Dramatic green Pitons in St Lucia, glamour in St Barths, colorful culture in Jamaica, coral reefs in the Grenadines or warm shallow waters in the Bahamas? Whichever you choose, you’ll enjoy good food, gorgeous beaches and a balmy climate.

Central America

From plunging gorges, tropical jungle and blissful beaches in Mexico, to towering volcanoes, abundant wildlife, bustling cities, Mayan ruins and temples stretching from Guatemala to Panama, there are a thousand spectacles to encounter in Central America.


From the romance and rustic beauty of Europe’s oldest cities to the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Northern Lights and the balmy climes of the Mediterranean, this diverse continent is packed full of potential adventures.

Far East

From tropical islands and beautiful coastlines to glittering cities, ancient temples and tea plantations, the Far East is hugely diverse. Lie on the beach in Thailand, witness the cherry blossom in Japan, explore Ankgor Wat in Cambodia or go diving in Indonesia.

Indian Ocean

Turquoise waters and powder-white beaches meet lush jungle and sunny skies on the islands of the Indian Ocean. Madagascar bursts with unique flora and fauna while the Maldives, the Seychelles and Mauritius promise a tropical paradise for families and couples alike.

Indian Sub-continent

Amazing animals, beautiful coastlines, ancient temples, palaces and dramatic scenery define this part of world. From Everest in Nepal to India’s rugged hills and bustling markets, down to the amazing hill country of Sri Lanka, a warm welcome always awaits from the people here.

Middle East

Here, the modern metropolises of the Emirates contrast with ancient cities such as Petra and Jerash, and the traditional Bedouin way of life in the desert. Experience a rapidly growing new world in modern Dubai, explore bustling souks, or escape to Oman’s endless golden beaches.

North America

The music you’ve heard and the movies you’ve seen all come magically to life when you visit North America. From the Adirondacks to the Bayous, from the Yukon to Zion, North America is simply amazing.


Powder-white beaches, turquoise waters and endless sunshine are what this part of the world is all about. Add to this fascinating coral reefs, dramatic volcanic peaks and a wonderfully laidback atmosphere, and you won’t want to come home.

South America

The Amazon, the Angel Falls, the largest rainforest in the world, the highest waterfall, and the driest desert can all be found in South America. Rainforests and rivers, golden beaches and glaciers, extraordinary wildlife and exotic cities are just the start of it.


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