Old Jerusalem Tour: Second Time's the Charm

Jerusalem, Israel

See the Old Jerusalem from another perspective as you climb over the ramparts of Tower of David, followed by a visit to Mount Zion, home to three major Christian sites.

For those who have seen the highlights of Old Jerusalem, here we explore the city in further depth.

Visit the Citadel, known as the “Tower of David”, a significant fortifications made by the Israelite, King David. The citadel’s museum beautifully brings to life Jerusalem’s history and offers changing exhibitions and activities for all ages. Follow the outer walls of David's Tower and climb over the ramparts of the Old City. These ramparts traverse the Armenian and Jewish quarters.

Continue to Mount Zion, located just outside the Old City walls, it is home to three major sites: The Tomb of King David, The Room of the Last Supper and the Church of the Dormition.

Believed to be the final resting place of King of Israel, the Tomb of King David incorporates Byzantine and late Roman-era Synagogue style.

Located on an upper floor of the tomb is the Room of the Last Supper, or the Cenacle. This is the site where Jesus distributed wine and bread to his students as a symbol of his blood and his body, as a form of sacrifice for his believers.

The Church of the Dormition incorporates Byzantine design and was built by the order of John II, Bishop of Jerusalem during the 5th century. This is believed to be the site where the Blessed Virgin Mary passed away.

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