Ubud - Local Encounters on the Blessing Trail

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

During this spiritual experience, meet with The Brahams, holy people who are members of the caste of the priests. Learn about their traditions, religious customs and everyday life as they welcome you into their home.

Known as the Island of the Gods, The Brahmans are members of the caste of the priests and play an important role in Indonesian society.

During this fascinating tour, you will meet Ida Bagus Suar Udiyana (Gusde), a Brahman who lives with his family in the village of Mas near Ubud.

Located near the former royal residence, you will be welcomed into Gusde's traditional Balinese home, Here, learn about woodcarving and try it out for yourself as you work with a local wood-carver to master the methods of making an intricate statue or carving.  Later, enjoy helping the family prepare a traditional Balinese meal, before sampling it for yourself.

The Brahams watch over the countless customs, sacrificial rituals, festivals and habits that the Balinese people life their lives by. After your lunch, you will receive a purifying Balinese Blessing by a priest followed by meeting an highly respected astrologer. Learn what your future entails during this spiritual experience.

Before ending this tour, wander through the village to fully immerse yourself in local life. It is here where you can see the people cleaning the temples and giving offerings to the gods which dot the streets.

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