Best Time to Visit the Indian Ocean

What is the best time to visit the Indian Ocean is a question we are asked a lot, owing to its ever-changing tropical climate? Truth be told, it's is a year round destination with consistent temperatures of around 30 degrees and sunshine, however as with the rest of the world, there are slightly better times of the year to go than others.

The drier and cooler months are from April to November, making it ideal for families who don’t want the fierce heat of the Mediterranean! If you want to dive or do a lot of water sports, then best to avoid January and February. The best time to hit the surf in the Maldives is from March to October. The Seychelles has pretty constant temperatures (between 24ºC to 31ºC) with warmer and wetter winds blowing in from October to April and drier and stronger winds coming in from May to September.

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