Best Time to Visit Germany

At Scott Dunn we know the best time to visit Germany - anytime! The country is a year-round destination. Winter is awash with more than 50 Christmas markets spread across the country. Each town is filled with fairy lights, Christmas trees and wooden huts selling handcrafted goods and scrumptious local delights.

In Spring, the cities come alive with many festivals and celebrations. Closer to Easter, local markets are again set up in the main square with lovely treats on offer. Water sports such as kayaking, boat paddling on the beautiful lakes is popular in the Summer. In the Autumn when the colours of nature change, it is a good time to visit the incredible Black Forest and ogle at the majesty of the Triberg Waterfalls reached only on foot.

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Climate guide for Germany

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Berlin 2°C 0mm 5°C 0mm 7°C 0mm 12°C 0mm 13°C 0mm 23°C 0mm 20°C 40mm 21°C 42mm 15°C 52mm 12°C 54mm 7°C 34mm 5°C 28mm
Black Forest -1°C 23mm -1°C 15mm 1°C 19mm 8°C 9mm 9°C 36mm 16°C 31mm 21°C 73mm 21°C 52mm 18°C 21mm 5°C 17mm 1°C 23mm -1°C 12mm
Frankfurt 2°C 32mm 5°C 10mm 8°C 35mm 12°C 29mm 13°C 47mm 21°C 24mm 22°C 39mm 21°C 44mm 16°C 47mm 12°C 73mm 7°C 53mm 5°C 64mm
Munich and Bavaria -1°C 0mm 2°C 0mm 6°C 0mm 10°C 0mm 11°C 0mm 19°C 0mm 20°C 104mm 20°C 145mm 15°C 68mm 12°C 88mm 5°C 27mm 4°C 47mm
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