Best Time to Visit Finland

Winter is the best time to visit Finland and Finnish Lapland. The winter temperatures can vary anywhere between 0°C and -40°C. The average temperature in January is -14°C, but the cold is not biting because the air is dry. There can be as much as one metre of snow and it usually lasts until May. There is potential for Northern Lights viewing throughout the winter months.

Helsinki is a year-round destination but is at its best in spring and summer. From May to September temperatures are warm, early twenties but in the height of summer can reach up to 30 degrees and the sun doesn't set until around 10:30pm, rising at around 3:00am so you can really pack a lot in! During the winter temperatures do get cold but it is a great place to go for a pre-Christmas getaway.

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Climate guide for Finland

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Helsinki -5°C 69mm 0°C 46mm 0°C 44mm 7°C 6mm 10°C 57mm 17°C 17mm 18°C 59mm 17°C 77mm 12°C 70mm 6°C 161mm 3°C 114mm 3°C 74mm
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