Jasper Planetarium

Jasper, Alberta

Admire the night sky with a visit to Jasper Planetarium, where the vast clear skies make for some fantastic stargazing. Enjoy guided tours and Q&A sessions with the experts and add on time with the telescopes to learn more about our solar system.

The Planetarium Experience provides 360-degree views of the stars, planets, moons, galaxies and everything in between, with full-dome views of the northern lights from Earth and from space. Learn about the different constellations and ask any burning questions you may have with a live Q&A session with the experts at the planetarium. A guided tour of the stars above Jasper will be given as you put your compass to use and track the stars like the explorers of old.

Following the planetarium experience, you will have the chance to add on time with the planetarium's telescopes, some of the most powerful in the Rockies. Learn how this impressive machinery works and take a look at the latest archived images taken from the Jasper telescopes. A hands-on experience will be provided, weather permitting. Experience potential sightings of the Earth's moon, galaxies and colourful nebulas of gas where new stars are in the process of forming.

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