An Unforgettable Karisia Walking Safari – Kenya, Africa

Rachel McGuire, our Africa specialist states “if there is one thing we are looking for as travel experts, it is unique, off the beaten path and exclusive experiences that not every tourist has done.”  Rachel has been to seven countries in Africa,  and can say, without a doubt, that her experience with Karisia Walking Safaris in Kenya was just that.

What can you expect and why should you do it? It is an experience in Kenya that takes you to an extremely remote area, away from the crowds and cell signal, with just you and your travel group. It is not going to be for everyone, nor do we want it to be. It is for those who strive to be different in their travel and crave the unknown. Here are five reasons why you should include Karisia in your itinerary:

1. It is completely private. Safari is all about spending time and making memories with the people that you love. As each Karisia journey is completely private, you are sure to do just that. Your day is based around you and your travel partners’ schedules and you will be the only guests in camp ensuring fantastic, personalized service and total seclusion. Be warned, you may never want to leave.

2. It can be for (almost) anyone. Karisia is an experience that can bring anyone and everyone together. The only thing you need is an open mind and an adventurous spirit! It can be rustic (think: basic camping though it is non-participatory) combined with five-star service and guiding. Fresh, local food is found in every multi-course meal, attentive staff are the norm, and extremely educated guides are guaranteed. However, Karisia is not for those who are timid or need modern amenities, and may not be great for first time safari-goers, so please let us know what type of person/traveler you are so we can let you know if Karisia is the right fit.

3. You will learn more than you have on any other vacation. Going off my previous point, the guides at Karisia are extremely knowledgeable and love to share their knowledge with you. They have grown up on the land and most have been guiding for several years (which means they have taken countless classes and tests to become a guide). Whether you are interested in zoology, astronomy, geology, anthropology, etc. your guide will be an encyclopedia of knowledge. Not to mention, you will be extremely impressed with what they are able to spot in the wild that you would’ve normally walked past without thinking twice. This area is not necessarily about checking off all Big Five but rather obtaining a whole new perspective on the smaller aspects of the bush.

4. The amount of activities is incredible. If you are the type to get bored of sitting in a vehicle for multiple hours, you will love Karisia. Though there is the option of the classic game drive, what Karisia really excels at are activities that are outside of the box. Educational and exciting walking safaris, surprise breakfasts or lunches out in the bush, rock climbing for all skill levels, camel riding through the beautiful landscape, fishing, soccer, animal tracking, bird watching, and more are some of the experiences on offer and included. There is something to keep everyone entertained. My personal favorite is the rock climbing—they have even just recently added 18 new top rope climbing routes for you to enjoy!

5. The staff are local Kenyans who love to teach you about their culture. Everyone I met at Karisia was welcoming, friendly, smart, funny and so kind. They are so eager and excited to teach you out about their culture, and to learn about yours too if you are willing to share. When I was there, the staff all taught me different words and phrases in their local language that I used at other camps throughout the rest of my trip—it was so fun! Don’t be surprised if you make some new Kenyan friends along the way—their spunk and appreciation for life is truly infectious.

If you are reading this and think that Karisia is something you may be interested in learning more about, I would be happy to share more of my African experiences with you.