Explore the history and culture heritage of Nain


The northernmost community in Nunatsisavut, Nain is a fascinating insight into the missionary efforts of the Moravians and a walk around the town is a chance to explore the main sites and discover local artisans.

The largest community in Nunatsiavut, Nain lies in the very north of the region and was founded in 1771 by Moravian missionaries as a key outpost for their missionary efforts. Their influence can still be found in the artefacts and buildings that remain, and as you explore the town in small groups you’ll have the chance to visit the Moravian Church, Illusuak Cultural Centre and the Torngat Arts and Crafts Gift Shop. You may be able to watch a stone carver at work, and if time allows you could hike to Mount Sophie, accompanied by a local Inuit bear guard in case of a sighting of one of the bears that can often be seen outside the town.

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