Disembark in Nome, Alaska


After a fascinating and varied voyage through the Northwest Passage you arrive at Nome, a town on the southwest of the Seward Peninsula. Here your expedition comes to an end and you bid farewell to crew and fellow passengers before disembarking.

Nome’s history is rather more illustrious and far-reaching than its name would suggest – a spelling error resulted in the British Admiralty christening it ‘Cape Nome, having mistaken ‘? Name’ for ‘C. Nome’. Despite this somewhat ignominious moniker, the town has a history dating back 10,000 years to the Inupiaq Eskimo, though its fame arrived in 1898 when Jafet Lindberg, Erik Lindblom and John Brynteson, the so-called ‘Three Lucky Swedes’, struck gold in Anvil Creek and started a gold rush that saw the population balloon to 28,000. Now home to just over 3,500, the town retains much of the architecture from this gold rush era. Your voyage draws to a close here, with a chance to say your goodbyes before disembarking the ship and continuing on your journey.

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