Discover Narsarsuaq and the thermal springs of Uunartoq Island


Another opportunity to step ashore presents itself today as you visit Narsarsuaq with its Norse ruins and Inuit graves, while a stop at Uunartoq brings you to the thermal springs and hundreds of years of history of this verdant landscape.

Sailing into Narsarsuaq you have the opportunity to explore the region on a number of gentle walks, taking in crumbling old farmhouses, Inuit graves and Norse ruins, all of which chart the varied history of the area. You could also take to the water to soak in the landscape from afar as you paddle around the peninsula in a kayak. As you sail on from here you reach Uunartoq Island, midway between Qaqortoq and Nanortalik. While South and West Greenland are renowned for their hot springs, Uunartoq Island lays claim to having the only springs warm enough to bathe in. Set in a meadow of waving grasses, people have flocked to these beautiful springs and their healing waters for over 1,000 years and you may like to follow in their footsteps and soak away any aches and pains in the thermal waters before exploring the history and architecture of the island.

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