Primate safaris - Gorillas and Chimps

Few wildlife encounters are as humbling and thrilling as a primate safari. The chance to watch a family of wild mountain gorillas go about their business in a forest clearing in Rwanda or Uganda as males vie for status, mothers fuss over youngsters, and babies rough and tumble in much the same way as our own infants. Or spend time with our boisterous cousins: chimpanzees, lemurs and monkeys, often in areas so remote that you'll witness unique behaviours like the 'Mahale handshake'. Perfect for families, couples and singles, a primate safari is a profound reminder of the deep bond we share with these beautiful beasts.

Coming face to face with a mountain gorilla is an unforgettable moment, even for the most jaded safari-goer. Watching these hugely powerful yet gentle apes and their eerily human behaviours is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Never to be outdone, the smaller primates have big personalities that make for equally rewarding encounters. Love chimpanzees? Then you'll adore tracking them in Uganda where you can join a habituation programme, or Western Tanzania, where famed primatologist Jane Goodall has spent her life observing chimp antics.

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When you buy gorilla permits and visit other primates your money is channeled directly towards preserving their future.

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