Luxury brand partners

When it comes to partnerships, our aim is to select partners who share similar values with whom we can build meaningful and lasting relationships. These partnerships create brand alignment and elevation, further enhancing the experience we offer our guests.

luxury partners

If you are a luxury brand that is interested in discussing how to collaborate and create an inspiring and mutually beneficial partnership, please do drop us a line at

Noma Swimwear
Noma Swimwear
Noma Swimwear is an environmentally-conscious sun protection swimwear brand for babies and children. Noma Swimwear has designed rash vests exclusively for children travelling with us to sunny destinations. Not only is their premium swimwear fabric rated UPF50+ (meaning that less than 2 per cent of UVA and UVB penetrate through to skin), it is also made from regenerated polyamide from ghost fishing nets. We know you care about the state of our planet and with Noma Swimwear you’ll be protecting your children’s skin AND making a positive contribution to the state of our oceans.  
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