Cheese & ham French toast roly poly

Easy to prepare and easy to eat finger food and you can also ask the kids to help roll the bread up.

Prep time: 5 minutes
Total cooking time: 5 minutes
Serves 4 - 6 kids

I have combined my favorite toastie fillings with a fun twist. It is easy to prepare and easy to eat finger food and an extra plus, you can also get the kids involved.


6 slices white/wholemeal bread
3 slices of ready sliced cheddar
1 large eggs
2 tbs milk
1 tbs butter
2 slices of good quality ham
2 tbs sweet chilli sauce (optional)


1) On a flat surface, cut off the crust of the bread and using a rolling pin flatten the bread out (Tip: get the kids involved in this bit).

2) Cut the ham and cheese into size to fit the length of the bread

3) Layer the bottom edge of the bread with slices of cheddar and ham.

4) Optional – Drizzle with sweet chilli sauce

5) Roll the bread up with the filling. Set aside with the seam facing down.

6) In a baking dish combine eggs and milk. Using a fork whisk until combined.

7) Using a non-stick medium frying pan, heat 1tbs of butter on high heat until melted.

8) Lightly dip the bread in the eggs and milk mixture and immediately place on the pan. You can place 6 in a pan at one go (Tip: Do 6 at one go and repeat for the other 6).

9) Fry on medium heat for around 1 minute on each side until the 4 sides are golden brown. You can hold in the oven on very low heat to keep warm while you fry up the second batch.

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