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Wildlife and safari

From monkeys in the jungle to meerkats in Africa, the world's glorious array of wildlife is best seen in its natural habitat. Our travel specialists know where to spot whales, jaguars and the most exquisite tropical flowers.   

From the coast of Latin America to Africa’s plains, Borneo’s jungles and India’s magnificent parks, the wildlife out there is spellbinding. And because we can take you off the beaten track to the heart of the country, we can create an itinerary that you would never have expected.

It’s not just Africa where you can experience an amazing safari. And Australia is only one place where you can glimpse crocodiles. Our travel specialists know the secret spots and the most remote places to stay. They can tailor a unique itinerary for you where you experience fascinating wildlife in its own habitat, perhaps with some culture or a few days on the beach added in. Anything is possible.

Below are some examples of safari or wildlife itineraries we can put together, but even then, every element is changeable. It’s really only the start of what we could do for you. For your own, completely bespoke wildlife adventure, contact our travel specialists

Idea 01: Out of Africa

For a classic African safari, head to Kenya where you’ll experience the best Africa has to offer.  Explore Meru National Park, its vast open plains and diverse eco-system; witness tribal life and cultural diversity on the Laikipia plateau, and take in the abundance of cheetah, lion, rhino, elephant, giraffe, buffalo in the Maasai Mara. You could finish the trip with a stay somewhere on the coast, soaking up the sun on deserted beaches.

Idea 02: Brazil and the Emerald Coast

Take your children to Brazil to see the famed Corcovado and Sugarloaf Mountain before a wildlife adventure in the wetlands of Pantanal where you can see giant anteaters, monkeys, macaws, armadillos, tapirs and possibly even a jaguar. From here you could move onto the Iguassu Falls to experience one of South America’s most incredible natural wonders: over 250 individual falls straddling the Brazil-Argentina border in a great horseshoe. Perhaps finish with a visit to the Emerald Coast for hummingbirds, monkeys and messing about on boats among the tropical islands.

Idea 03: Borneo wildlife to Bali beaches

Meet Borneo’s orang-utans, before a boat ride to Lankayan Island, a tropical jewel off the north coast. Here you can enjoy amazing diving and snorkeling, and spot sea turtles and their babies. Next, you could travel into the rainforest and mangroves, keeping an eye out for Proboscis monkeys rare Hornbills and even Pygmy elephants. Bali might be a great place to finish if you fancy some beach time, a bit of pampering and incredible sunsets.

Idea 04: Botswana and the Victoria Falls

If you want to experience the majesty of the Victoria Falls, you could stay nearby on the Zambezi River and explore by boat, or even try white-water rafting while you’re there. From here you could journey to the wildlife and flood plains of the beautiful Okavango Delta where you can take guided nature walks and game drives. Games reserves in the heart of the Delta are an option after this, or perhaps a remote camp in lion and buffalo land. You could also visit the Mkgadikgadi Salt Pans and hang out with some meerkats.

Idea 05: Tigers in India

Discover the diversity of India’s wildlife, staying in breathtaking lodges throughout Madhya Pradesh, all of which offer a different wildlife and lodge experience. You could start in Bandhavgarh National Park where you can witness the tiger in the wild. Maybe follow this up with a stay in a luxury tented camp in the grassy highlands and bamboo jungle of Kanha where you can see tigers, leopards and swamp deer. After this you could explore India’s forts, fly to Goa, Kerala or even the Maldives – whatever you like, we can craft it.

The Big Five

The term "Big Five" was first invented by big game hunters not safari guides and refers to the Lion, Leopard, Black Rhino, Elephant and Cape Buffalo. Membership of the Big Five relates to the difficulty and danger in hunting these animals, not size or indeed how photogenic they are! That is why other large interesting animals such as giraffe, hippo, cheetah and zebra are not included, although most people on safari are keen to see them too. All the Big Five animals can be found in Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

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