The Goring

Belgravia, London

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  • The most quintessential of English hotels

  • Excellent for families or couples alike

  • Located in Belgravia with easy access to Buckingham Palace, Knightsbridge and the West End

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It is very difficult to predict the weather in the United Kingdom - in the summer from May to late September is generally seen as the most pleasant time to visit. Rainfall is difficult to predict - but the UK does not receive as much as many are led to believe! In the winters, temperatures do fall, but there is nothing better than finding a remote pub with a roaring fire to sit beside after a long walk in the country.

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Insider's View

The Goring is set apart from the rest as London’s last family-owned luxury hotel. The staff really knows how to make the guests feel like part of the family.

Take special notice of the murals on the walls, they are all hand painted!

Book the Belgravia or Roayl Suite and you will be treated to your own private footman for the highest level of personal service.

The Goring is the only hotel to have been awarded a Royal Warrant for hospitality service by the Queen herself!

Make sure you order the Eggs Drumkilbo at breakfast in the Dining Room.  This was a favourite with the Queen Mother when she dined there.

The sheep’s name is Barbara. You will see her likeness all around the hotel. The park behind the hotel used to house sheep such as her.

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The Goring is possibly London's most quintessentially British hotel, located in Belgravia and around the corner from Buckingham Palace, the Goring offers that perfect blend of old-world English charm and fantastic attentive service.

The Goring is still family owned, established by Otto Goring in 1910, and now run by Jeremy Goring over a century later. It was the first hotel in the world to offer attached bathrooms - and has always maintained a sense of innovation, ensuring it perfectly balances its Edwardian allure with all the modern amenities that you want from a luxury London hotel. All bedrooms and suites are unique, using an array of sumptuous fixtures and fittings. The Goring comes across as opulent, yet somehow understated and refined - something that is sometimes lost in newer hotels who think it is all about installing as many gold taps as they can; The Goring simply get it just right, and it feels very much like a home away from home.

The big attraction of the Goring is its delightful private interior Garden - something you simply don't get with other London hotels. Its main public areas are homely and intensely stylish - The Goring has never rested on its laurels and continually tweaks its design for modern sensibilities, whilst retaining the ambience that we have always loved. Take the Lounge Bar, a great place to sip a cocktail and grab a quick bite, a place on conviviality with just the right atmosphere. Food is traditionally British - a take on old classics using locally sourced produce. What is nice is that The Goring haven't chased after yet another celebrity chef - it is refined, understated, yet utterly delicious. It is fairly dressy in the evenings (for instance we would suggest jackets), but we all love to dress up from time to time.

The rooms have everything you want in terms of modernity from flat screen TVs with video on demand, ipod docks and the like, and you even get under floor heating in the bathrooms which is ideal when London gets a little chilly! We love the sheep-lined footstalls that are a welcome relief after walking through the sights and sounds of the city by day. If you spot a rubber duck in the bathroom, do ask the Goring staff about the story of George Goring leading a collection of ducks through the lobby - it is small quirks like that which make the Goring what it is.

There is no spa or fitness centre at the Goring, but they do offer access to a nearby Fitness Club, three minutes walk away. Families are very welcome, and children get their own gift bag and there is a children's library and the garden to charge around in.

The Goring is perfect if you like old-world charm, exceptional service and an elegant, yet homely feel - it doesn't aim to be like a raft of overly stylised modern hotels, and that is the point - it is perfect just the way it is.

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There are 69 rooms and suites all with air-conditioning, WiFi, Digital TV with 70 channels, video-on-demand. Each room portrays a sense of true luxury and traditional English charm. The combination of elegant, bespoke furniture, outstanding silk weaves and modern technology truly set The Goring apart from any other London hotel.

Deluxe Garden View

The Splendid Garden Room is approximately 30sqm and offers one bedroom and a luxurious marble bathroom. 

The Royal Suite

The Royal Suite is approximately 138sqm and offers two beautiful bedroom with a separate sitting room, dining room and two luxurious marble bathrooms. Guests in the Royal Suite are offered the services of a dedicated Footman, fresh flowers and handmade chocolates as well as a wide range of complimentary benefits. 

Belgravia Suite

The Belgravia Suite is approximately 55sqm and offers one bedroom, a separate sitting room with marble fireplace and luxurious marble bathroom. Guests in the Belgravia Suite are also offered the services of a dedicated Footman. 

Junior Suite

The Junior Suite is approximately 40sqm and offers one bedroom with a separate sitting room and luxurious marble bathroom. 


Food and drink runs parallel to the phenomenal accommodation. The Goring offers a magic array of dining facilities including The Goring Dining Room, Lounge and Terrace and Lounge and Bar. All providing great British cuisine. And if a more intimate option is preferred The Goring offer a Private Dining experience as well.



Sierra Obermark (Staff)

Arriving into The Goring feels more like arriving into to the home of a friend. This is with good reason; The Goring is a family-run hotel going back three generations. Greeted warmly upon entrance, the staff will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. The atmosphere is so calm and collected, you can't help but relax immediately amongst the hand painted walls and adorable sheep dotting the corners of many rooms. Step into the beautiful Siren restaurant and experience a deiciousl meal in the glassed in conservatory for a truly special end of the night.



At around three o clock on Tuesday morning I wake with a start and wonder where on earth I am. Not in my own bed, thats for sure. This is one so big that I am actually lying across it, with plenty of room to spare, my head sunk into one of eight perfectly plump pillows, and thats not counting the cushions with their terribly fancy fringeing.

This is not a queen bed. It is not a king bed. It is not even a super king bed. No. It is a bed that is actually fit for royalty, and possibly royalty only. It is a bed that monarchs could crawl into or gracefully step into, as they are probably more likely to do without complaint. It is a bed that seems so confused by my presence within it that I appear to have actually become one with it, and now I cant find my way out of it.

Untangling myself from the luxurious linen the sumptuous red quilt, the cream quilt underneath that, and then, finally, the duvet I eventually stumble disorientated to the bathroom where I am confronted by the Lake Victoria of bath tubs. Where is my leaking shower, my pile of laundry, and why have my Boots products been replaced with Molton Brown? I turn to the gigantic mirror over the his and hers sinks I seem to have suddenly acquired and rub my eyes, remembering where I am: the Goring hotel, just across the street from Buckingham Palace.

And its just as well, really, that the whole shebang is so luxurious, because it is strongly rumoured that in a couple of months, this establishment will play host to the Royal wedding celebrations. The men on the door in their bowler hats are too discreet to say, obviously, as are the waiters in the bar who wear bow-ties, but you cant book any of the 71 rooms during the weekend of the nuptials and it is rumoured that Kate Middleton will spend her final night as a commoner here, before jumping in the car for the short journey to Westminster Abbey. After the ceremony, it is also said that at least part of the reception will take place at the Goring. Not surprisingly, the hotel are saying nothing.

And so it is that I find myself with the 'challenging task of spending a night at the five star hotel. Its a two minute walk from Victoria station, a transport hub that makes Dantes circles of hell look like Disneyland, but youd never know it once youre inside. To walk through the doors opened for you, of course is to be transported back to a time when men called you m'am and hotels gave you actual keys as opposed to flimsy bits of plastic that you always lose within half an hour of checking in. As I stand with my bags at my feet I exist in a universe free of double dip recessions and Coalition governments, though I imagine a fair few members of the Tory party have dined here in their time (Winston Churchill used to be in here a lot, visiting his mother, Lady Randolph Churchill, who sensibly took it upon herself to move in to the premises in 1919).

Anyway, what I mean to say is that it is all so fabulously old-fashioned that one could quite forget the worries of the world over tea in the hotel and another Goring fact is that Anthony Powell created his heroine, the Hon Angela Goring star of his series, A Dance to the Music of Time while doing just that.

It was opened by Otto Richard Goring in 1910, and it is a matter of great pride that it is still in the family almost 101 years later. Back then a room cost 7s 6d, or 37 pence, and each one came with an en-suite bathroom, which made it the first hotel in the world to be able to boost such luxury. Today you can get a Delightful Queen room for 410, or stick yourself in the Belgravia suite for 1,525. My room or, to give it its proper title, The Most Splendid Silk Room, because this is a place for proper titles is roughly the same price a night as my mortgage is a month.

William and Kate could not have chosen a hotel with a better royal pedigree. Queen Mary frequently came for tea with her Lady in Waiting, who lived here. The Norwegian Crown Prince came to stay for the Coronation of King George VI, explaining that at Buckingham Palace I have to share a bath with five people. Here I have one to myself. The King and Queen and their daughters celebrated the end of the Second World War with sausages and scrambled eggs here, while our current Queen used the Gorings pastry chefs to bake Prince Charles christening cake. During her coronation the hotel was used as an annexe to Buckingham Palace, where foreign royalty could stay.

All of which you dont get at a Travelodge. Also not to be found at the average hotel: a bar where the staff serve you canapes every half an hour. I dont think it is the done thing to take five mini shepherds pies off the serving plate, but I do it anyway. Would you like a napkin? asks the elegant waitress, but I am too busy gobbling back food to answer.

So yes, the pattern of my stay soon becomes clear: I think about what Kate Middleton would do, and then I promptly do the opposite. For one night only, I am Eloise! I cant picture Kate jumping up and down on the bed in excitement, or cooing over the rubber ducks that the hotel have kindly provided. Nor can I imagine her, as she checks out on the morning of her wedding, swiping all the toiletries for her gym kit at work. But you never know; she may have a naughty side.

And if she does, she is going to love the lighting, which has four settings: 'bright, 'calm, 'cosy and 'ooh!. The last of these simply begs to be pressed, at which point I discover what the 'ooh! button does. It is a sex light. And so naturally I stick it back to 'cosy.

Later, I realise that the walls are cushioned with silk. It is like being in the most luxurious padded cell the world has seen. Perfect practice, then, for life as a Royal.


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Location & directions

Belgravia, London

Located right in the centre of London, next to the gardens of Buckingham Palace, The Goring is ideally located and within easy reach of the Royal Parks & the West End.

How to get there

The Goring is a 45 minute drive from London Heathrow Airport or alternatively you can travel by Heathrow Express train link to Paddington Station. Paddington station is a 20 minute drive to The Goring.

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