Mount Popa & Salay Tour

Mount Popa & Salay, Burma

The chance to learn about Myanmar’s tradition of spirit worship at Mount Popa, to explore Salay, a famous Buddhist centre with unique architecture, and to witness scenes of bygone countryside life.

A full-day experience exploring places of cultural and spiritual importance close to Bagan. Salay, one of the most significant Buddhist centres in Burma is an essential stop in this region, and en-route a good place to pause is Chauk, a bustling market town, with an interesting morning market. Salay itself is intensely rich with culture and is home to more than 50 monasteries, including the Yoke Sone Kyaung monastery, one of the oldest wooden buildings in the region. While Salay House, a handsomely restored building, offers a glimpse into British colonial life.  Nearby, Mount Popa is another must-see destination. Standing more than 1500 metres high, it is one of the most spiritual places in Burma, and offers glorious views. Close by is Taung Kalat, a pilgrimage site believed to be home of the nats, the spirits believed to serve as guardians to the people. Climbing the stairs to the top of the shrine rewards with unique insights into Burmese culture, and splendid views.
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