Bagan Cooking Class

Bagan, Burma

A fantastic half-day insight into Burmese cookery exploring local food with a local and highly experienced chef. From shopping at the market, to cooking and plating up, this is a truly unique experience.

First, it’s to Nyaung U market with a shopping list prepared by the chef, searching for, and selecting, the best ingredients among the smells, sounds and sights of a traditional Burmese market. Picking out the supplies is half the fun – here, stalls overspill with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, colourful pastes and bottles of local sauces. Your guide will be on hand to translate, help and explain as you go.
At the local restaurant, you’ll meet the chef and get started, preparing the ingredients, crushing spices with traditional tools (such as mortar and pestle) and then you’ll learn how to cook several Burmese favourites all the while learning about the cuisine of Myanmar and its influences. Finally, it’s time to sit down and enjoy your fresh homemade delights.
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