Lemur Island walk

Andasibe, Central Madagascar, Madagascar

This is a wonderful experience, visiting the tiny Lemur Island with expert guides and getting up close and personal with the lemurs who live here. The guides show you around and encourage the lemurs to approach, so excellent photographs are guaranteed!

A tiny reserve surrounded by water, Lemur Island in Andasibe National Park makes for a wonderful close up experience with some of Madagascar's most alluring residents. Take a short boat trip across the water and you can get very close to four species of habituated lemur - the bamboo lemur, the black and white ruffed lemur, the brown lemur and the diademed sifaka.

As you walk into the reserve, the lemurs will shadow you, balancing precariously on the railings each side of the park. Lemurs being very inquisitive, they will leap onto your head and shoulders, clamber about all over you and use you as a look-out post! It's a wonderful experience to get so close up to these fluffy little animals. The smallest of the lemurs on the island, the bamboo lemurs, are very shy, preferring to stay in the trees rather than interact directly, but the brown lemurs and the black and white ruffed lemurs have no such reservations!

As this is a very popular experience, and the reserve receives a good number of tourists, we would recommend visiting Lemur island either first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening.

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