Keeping warm


  • Think about who is in your group. If you are the fastest skier, you might be waiting around and will be more prone to getting cold
  • Wear mittens instead of gloves
  • Ensure your boots are well fitted and release your toe clips when are you on lifts and having breaks
  • Keep your head warm with helmets, beanies and goggles
  • A snood or scarf makes a huge difference
  • Choose clothing with vents which can be opened or closed
  • Layering - wear multiple thin layers, preferably wicking materials. This way, you can regulate your temperature as it changes throughout the day

When skiing

  • Ski below the tree line where you are sheltered from the wind
  • Avoid short runs where you never have time to get warm before getting back on a lift
  • Ski in the sun – South East facing in the morning and South West facing in the afternoon
  • If you are waiting around, walk up a slope - you will be warm in seconds
  • Take bubble lifts and cable cars instead of chairlifts and drag lifts
  • Seek out the quieter areas, the more time you spend skiing and the less you spend standing in queues, the warmer (and happier!) you will be
  • Avoid getting gloves wet by keeping them on. If you do take them off, point the fingers up to avoid getting snow in them
  • Try snowboarding instead - it involves much more core movement than skiing so snowboarders are always hotter!

Taking breaks

  • Avoid sitting outside - you will be warm when you sit down but cold by the time you get up
  • If you are getting cold, stop and go inside early before you get too cold
  • Avoid alcohol, tea and coffee - try a hot chocolate instead
  • Have something to eat, preferably hot, digestion will keep you warmer
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