Sea Trek Jewels of Raja Ampat Day 6

Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

Wake before dawn to trek through the lush jungle in search of the elusive Red Bird of Paradise, before snorkelling amongst the pristine corals of the Dampier strait and visiting the tiny island of Pulau Arborek with its vibrant Asai culture.

Following in the footsteps of the famous Victorian naturalist, Alfred Russell Wallace, you will rise before dawn and head into the jungle in search of the famous Red Bird of Paradise, hopefully catching a glimpse of its elaborate courtship ritual amongst the tropical vegetation. After a thrilling and rewarding trek, you'll return to the boat and make for the Dampier strait to snorkel amongst some of the most pristine reefs in Indonesia. These nutrient rich waters are home to some of the larger marine species, including the majestic manta ray. This afternoon, the captain will drop anchor off Pulau Arborek, a tiny island home to a handful of villagers, still celebrating the indigenous Asai culture.

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