Sasak Discovery

Lombok, Indonesia

Discover the uniqueness of the Sasak people as you visit the villages of Banyumulek, Sukarare and Sade to see their architecture, pottery crafting and textile weaving first hand before reaching the southern shores of Lombok for some beach time.

Start with a visit to the village of Banyumulek. Here the local Sasak people have mastered the art of pottery, which you can witness first hand.

Onto Sukarare village, this village is famous for its textile weaving. Observe as the villagers created the beautiful and intricate patterned songkret cloth.

Next, a trip to the beach and lunch at a local restaurant. Lombok's southern coast is renowned and is home to the pristine white beaches of Selung, Belanak, Kuta and Tanjung Aan.

On your return, you will make one final stop at Sade, another Sasak village which is believed to be the oldest town on the island. Visit a local's home, made of natural materials including grass thatch, mud and cow dung.

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