Mount Sinai & St. Catherine

Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

A popular pilgrimage site, the scenic Mount Sinai and the UNESCO-listed St. Catherine Monastery are must-sees while you are in the Sinai peninsula. In St. Catherine you will visit Moses' Well, the basilica, the Chapel of the Burning Bush and the museum.

Said to be the sight where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God, Mount Sinai is one of the most significant pilgrimate sites in Egypt, rising to the peak of 2,285 metres above sea level.

You will also make a visit to the scenic St. Catherine Monastery, a Greek Orthodox Monastery at the foot of Mount Moses, which is believed to be the location of the Burning Bush during the 6th century AD. Even up to today, the monastery is still inhabited by monks with Greek Orthodox Church liturgy. An impressive collection of icons and manuscripts are showcased in the monastery's museum.

Please note that the monastery closes after 11.30 am for the monks to resume their monastic life.

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