Chel-Ski: Find your ski legs at home

We often spend the first couple of days of a ski vacation finding our ski legs and beating the first run jitters, so what better way to kick start your winter break than sneaking in some extra hours on the slopes before you go. Tucked away in the heart of London’s Chelsea, Chel-Ski is the ideal spot for adults and children to practice their snow ploughs, improve their technique and hone their turns before heading on a vacation further afield. Brand Marketing Executive, Amelia, tells us more…

To get our younger guests ready for their Scott Dunn vacation, we decided to offer them a chance to find their ski legs before heading to the slopes. And what better way to get a taste for the slopes than at Chel-Ski, London’s largest indoor ski center. It’s great for adults and kids alike with a fun, safe and controlled environment where you can learn to ski, snowboard or even just improve technique.

Chel-Ski is not to be confused with your average dry slope, it houses two hi-tech slopes which are similar to a treadmill, where the speed and angle of the slopes can be adjusted to match the ability of the skier.

Our younger guests were put into groups of three with an instructor taking them through the basics of skiing. Chel-Ski offer sessions to groups with a maximum of three kids to enable them to assess how well they are doing and give feedback on areas for improvement.

After a fun-filled session of skiing, the Alpine Bar was the perfect way for the kids to refuel with chocolate fondue and a hot chocolate. The Alpine Bar at Chel-Ski whisks you away to a rustic bar in the heart of the Alps, complete with retro posters, wooden floors, beams, candles and oodles of alpine charm.

If you are looking for a new and exciting way to exercise, Chel-Ski also offer Fit-Ski sessions. The class is divided into two parts; in the first half you are off the slope, focusing on exercises such as squats, lunges and resistance training before taking to the slopes for intense skiing exercises which help build strength and fitness.

When it comes to year round skiing, Chel-Ski holds the answer much closer to home than you might think.

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