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British Airways’ First Wing: A Class of its Own

For most, thoughts of airport security conjure up images of a chaotic start to a holiday. Welcome The First Wing, BA’s newly opened premium fast track service, designed exclusively to take frenzy out of flying. Luxury travel expert, Jules Maury, describes a first class travel experience from start to finish.

I am not a fan of travelling on Fridays through any London airport.

The queues, endless security lines and the constant surge of humanity streaming towards gates, lounges and the promise of retail therapy, accompanied by a cacophony of airport babble make for a stressful start to any trip.

Having been dropped off at the end of the departure lane, I resigned myself to facing at least 20 minutes of the above hullabaloo before reaching the tranquillity of the Galleries First Lounge.

Seeing the new First check-in, in all its shining glory of glass and wood, was therefore a pleasant surprise. Passing through the portal into a haven of peace upgraded my Friday to another level.

I hadn’t even noticed the security wing to my right, so when check in was completed and I was waved towards smiling staff and our very own fast track security lane, my spirits inevitably soared. Spacious architecture encloses a First Class and Gold Executive Club security area, which in turn leads through a very stylishly designed wooden corridor to the Galleries First Lounge, bypassing the airport concourse completely. It was special, painless and fast.

A final first was being served glass of Pink Tattinger in the Galleries Lounge, showcasing the First experience in a way that the former generic choice of champagne never could. If the First Wing means looking at travelling through rose- tinted glasses, it’s safe to say, I am a convert.

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