Placencia Chocolate & Waterfalls Tour

Coastal Lowlands, Belize

Chocolate plays a very important role in Mayan culture, and this tour takes you to explore the art of creating mouthwatering sweet treats from locally grown cacao. Afterwards, head into the jungle for a refreshing dip in the cooling waterfalls nearby.

Spend the morning with the Ixcacao Chocolatier, the perfect opportunity for chocoholics to indulge in tastings of Mayan hot chocolate, as well as learning about the cultivation of cacao to create chocolate bars and other treats. Tuck into some samples as you observe the process of making chocolate from bean to bar, still using traditional stone tools which have been passed down from generation to generation.

Following lunch you will head into the jungle in the hills of San Antonio, enjoying the opportunity to jump into cooling pools and shower under refreshing waterfalls.

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