Michele Segalla

San Diego Office

Since traveling to Guatemala and India early in my university career, I haven't been able to shake the travel bug. My next journey was a semester abroad where Seville, Spain was my home base and each weekend I traveled to different cities in Europe, as well as Morocco.

Upon graduating, I pursued a career in finance and traveled as much as possible, my next stops included Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Thailand, and Malaysia.

It wasn’t long before the wanderlust took a hold of me again, and I left my finance job to travel more extensively – first, up the east coast of Australia in a campervan, then to Thailand where I spent one-year teaching English. I spent every weekend and break from school traveling Thailand and Southeast Asia extensively, before returning home to the US where I finally figured out how to combine my passion for travel with a permanent career.

I’ve volcano boarded in Nicaragua, leapt from waterfalls in Puerto Rico, ziplined in Costa Rica, snorkelled through caves in the Philippines, navigated night markets in Taipei, watched sunrise over Angkor Wat, trekked the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, beach-bummed my way up Australia’s East Coast while living in a campervan, bathed elephants in Thailand, witnessed sea turtles hatch on the beach in Chennai, India, floated down the Mekong River on a slow boat in Laos, and I’m dreaming about my next adventures to come in Latin America…

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Travel nuggets

  • Journal! Traveling can be a blur, so it’s great to try to remember as much of your trip as possible. Simply jot down a few highlights of each day in a notebook or your phone while unwinding or waiting at the airport. They may even inspire future trips.

  • Save space in your suitcase by wearing your bulkiest clothes on the plane and only packing shoes that are absolutely necessary.

  • Facial cleansing wipes are truly a refresher on any long, international flight or in any warm climate.

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