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Fishing FAQs

Burning questions answered, including flying with fishing equipment, your fishing standard, learning to fish, and what to book if some of your party don't fish.

Your frequently asked questions are answered here - but if you need more information, or you can't find the answer to your burning question, please contact our travel specialists.

What do I need to take with me on a fishing vacation?
Depending on the type of fishing you prefer, and how serious an angler you are, we can advise what you’ll need to bring from home, and what’s available on site. If you have a favorite rod and equipment, please feel free to bring this with you.

Will I get any extra luggage allowance on the flight if take my own equipment?
Many airlines let you to take a certain amount of fishing equipment (subject to weight), in addition to your general luggage allowance. We can advise you on this, depending on the airline and your route.

What permits will I need to fish?
Angling permits are usually necessary, and there are often restrictions on the size and the number of your catch, especially where sustainable fishing management is in place. Permits are either included in the cost of your fishing package, or can be purchased locally through the fishing operator.

What if I fish and my partner doesn’t?
If your partner or family don’t fish, by choosing the right property, a great time can still be had by all - we can help you select the most suitable properties with lots of things to do. Many are located in beautiful natural surroundings and offer a range of other activities that will keep all your fellow travelers happy.

When do I need to book?
We’d recommend booking at least 6 months ahead of travel (more for larger groups), especially for peak season fishing. If you’re a beginner, or just want to include a little fishing while on vacation, we can recommend places that can organize fishing excursions at short notice, though it’s always better to book as much in advance as possible.

What standard do I need to be?
We can cater to experienced anglers, intermediates and beginners alike, and can advise on the best places to suit all requirements. Many properties have friendly and extremely knowledgeable guides who can advise you on the best gear to use, will know the best spots for fish, and help you perfect your technique.

What clothing should I bring?
This depends on where you’re fishing, but in general it’s wise to bring a hat, sun cream, windcheater, warm or cold weather gear and rain protection. A comfortable and sturdy pair of shoes is also sensible. Many of the more exclusive lodges will have drying rooms to help you keep your kit in tact throughout your stay.

How can I learn to fish?
The best way to learn how to fish is by doing it, and by learning from experience. There’s often a great camaraderie among anglers, and tips will be swapped and advice given by both fellow anglers and guides. However, hiring a private tutor at the beginning can be an excellent investment to learn specific techniques such as casting and about general equipment (although do bear in mind that the fishing techniques you learn abroad are specific to the destination and not be appropriate once you’re fishing at home).  

How sustainable is the fishing you recommend?
We don’t endorse trophy fishing, preferring to work with establishments that offer catch-and-release fishing, and adopt sustainable management practices. We want your grandchildren to be able to enjoy the same fishing as you now do.

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