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Journeys of a lifetime

There are big adventures, and then there are journeys you'll take that you'll talk about for years to come. Whether it's a 3-month trip around the world or an adventure to the ends of the earth, we can arrange it.

There are big adventures, and then there are trips of a lifetime. The kind you’ll tell people about for years to come. The kind where you see things you never thought possible outside of films. When you consider the enormity of the world, and all it has to offer, it almost seems like a crime not to embark on an adventure of this kind at some point in your life. 

In the past, we've crafted adventures to some of the most remote places on earth. A wildly luxurious journey across India. A 3-month sabbatical around the world. An unforgettable vacation of this nature is a big project – which is why, rather than spending hours trying to craft it yourself, you can let us do all the work for you, safe in the knowledge that you'll get the most you possibly could out of your trip. Our travel specialists know the best flight routes, the most sensible order in which to visit places, the viewpoints you mustn’t miss, and the safest ways to experience cultures a million miles from our own. 

If you’re looking for something truly special, we can tailor adventure to suit your ambitions and your budget. We’ve outlined a few examples below, but yours could be entirely different. Take a look, then contact our travel specialists for your bespoke journey of a lifetime. 

Idea 01: Ultimate Australia and New Zealand

Fly to the other side of the world and experience the incredible diversity of Australasia. Start in New Zealand’s 2,500 acres of secluded native forest and game reserve for fishing on the lakes, forest trails and a horse-ride through the bush before flying south to the mountains and the ocean for whale-watching, and swimming with dolphins and seals. Next, head to Queenstown if you fancy a helicopter trip to the nearby Sounds or glaciers, before flying to Australia. Cruise Sydney harbor, visit Hamilton Island for turquoise seas and snorkeling, and then perhaps Darwin for its floodplains and national parks. At Bamurru Plains you’re sure to spot crocodiles, buffalos and amazing aboriginal rock art.

Idea 02: All the colors of India

Experience Rajasthan in absolute luxury, staying in iconic, exclusive properties, starting in Agra for the Taj Mahal at sunrise. Next, we suggest a private drive into the countryside to explore rural India, its rugged terrain, little villages, local markets and ancient ruins surrounded by candles. Moving on to Jaipur, you can be driven around the city in a vintage car. Given that Jaipur is a Mecca for those after exotic purchases, we can even arrange a personal shopper for you. After visiting Jodhpur for a stay there, you could finally fly to Udaipur and stay in the iconic Lake Palace Hotel. We love the Khush Mahal Suite, with its own swing - possibly the most romantic room we know in the world.

Idea 03: Lakes, craters and kopjes in Tanzania

Tanzania boasts an incredible wealth of habitats and terrains to explore. You could begin in one of the diverse natural parks amongst swamps and tranquil lakes. Here you’ll see tree-climbing lions, flocks of pelicans, flamingos, and the buffalo cooling in the soda lake. Next, you could venture to the Ngorongoro Crater, once a huge active volcano. Its collapse has formed a natural sanctuary in which there are an estimated 30,000 animals. The game viewing here is incredible. The vast open plains of the Serengeti should not be missed if you want a real-life ‘Out of Africa’ experience. The annual wildebeest migration is the major event of the northern plains. Finish with a tropical escape – we suggest Pemba Island, an unspoiled idyll just north of Zanzibar’s main island, Unguja. Days can be spent diving, snorkeling, sailing and fishing in the blue waters.

Idea 04: Escape to Everest

The allure of Everest has always captivated travelers and for many, a visit here is a lifelong ambition. It boasts stunning high Himalaya, fascinating sherpa villages and offers a real sense of adventure. During your gradual assent of this majestic peak in Nepal, you’ll stay in the best lodges on offer in the Khumbu region. Looked after by sherpas every step of the way, you’ll stop at various points to explore towns, villages and markets. The trek varies from gentle to steep, culminating in the highest point at Thangboche where you’ll see the best view of Everest you will ever encounter.

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