Globetrotters (4 months to 2 years)

We understand that when it comes to looking after our youngest guests good communication with parents is absolutely key. Our experienced nannies will take time to discuss your child's routine and go out of their way to follow it, to help keep your child happy and settled. The Globetrotters are kept entertained with fun and interesting activities whilst keeping to their routine. Our flexible childcare offers half day or full day sessions.

Magical Monday
Creative masterpieces with glitter, paint and glue
Have some fun in the snow!
Play dough shapes and models
Bubble ride to the top of the world

Tobogganing Tuesday
Delicious baking
Bendy bus ride
Get creative!
Head out for some sledging fun

Wintry Wednesday
Let's get messy with handprints
Hot chocolate trip
Fun and games in the park

Thawing Thursday
Delicious baking
Snow angels and sledging
Snowy pictures
Trip to the Fromagerie to see what animals we can find

Frosty Friday
Let's make some salt dough creation out of salt, flour and water
Pancake treat - chocolate or lemon & sugar
Messy time
Up in the bubble, down in the train

Snow fun Saturday
Color a nose and stick the buttons on your own snowman
Let's go outside and build something using a carrot, hat and scarf...
Penguin pictures
Bum-boarding and more fun in the snow

NB: the above activities are subject to change without prior warning.

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