Costa Rica for Teens

If your teens are looking for adventure, look no further. Costa Rica is a natural playground for active children. Known as the ‘rich coast’ due to its wealth of natural wonders, Costa Rica truly is Central America’s jewel. It’s also a safe yet exciting destination to travel to with your teens.

It has an incredible mix of flora and fauna, stunning, diverse landscapes, an abundance of wildlife and an array of adrenaline fueled activities, ensuring that no member of the family will go bored. From the remote and ruggedly beautiful Osa Peninsula in the south to magnificent, wild beaches surrounded by dense forests and mountains in the north west of the country, there’s something for everyone.

The wildlife viewing in Costa Rica is some of the best in the world. Head to Corcovado or Manuel Antonio National Park, where your family can trek through lush jungles, spying iguanas, monkeys, birds, caimans or even sloths. You can take in the amazing view from the ground, or, if you’re feeling particularly daring (and you’re not afraid of heights), by zipline or suspension bridge. This bird’s eye view will surely give your family a whole new perspective of Costa Rica.

Immersing yourselves in all the nature around you, opens up educational opportunities for your teens. A trip to Costa Rica is ecotourism at its finest and the country is one of the ‘greenest’ in the world. Living this eco-culture lifestyle will help them soak up and appreciate the environmental awareness that is such a priority here. One of the most fun ways to see this eco-friendly outlook taking place in Costa Rica is by visiting one of the wildlife reserves or witnessing the incredible experience of mother sea turtles hauling themselves on the beach to lay eggs. It’s the type of vacation your family can feel good about.

If your teens are less interested in just learning about the nature around them and would prefer to really experience it, there are tons of adrenaline filled activities to keep them entertained. The adventurous experiences for teens in Costa Rica are unparalleled. Your family can go white water rafting, ziplining, horseback riding, quadbike roaming, volcano hiking, waterfall hunting, surfing, snorkeling and kayaking. The possibilities are endless. And after action packed days discovering the unbelievable terrain of Costa Rica, you can relax on the unspoiled beaches the line the coast. At Scott Dunn, we know how to plan a vacation to Costa Rica that will amuse even the most hard-to-please teenagers.

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Costa Rica

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