Top 10 Experiences in Bariloche

Argentina’s Lake District is a spectacular array of deep blue glacial lakes, snow capped mountains, flowering meadows and verdant forests. Bariloche, located right on beautiful Lake Nahuel Huapi, is the region’s heart and home to a charming Swiss-style mountain town. This stunning area is a playground for lovers of the outdoors and active vacations. Here are Latin Travel Expert, Alison’s top 10 experiences that you must try while in Bariloche…

1. Hike around the stunning shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi with one of our passionate private guides, through native forests and past dramatic moraines for unforgettable 360-degree vistas.

2. Take out a private boat for a truly luxurious day on the water; complete with wine, canapés and unforgettable landscapes.

3. Try horseback riding in the steppes region of Bariloche – an incredible rolling landscape with stunning views of Cathedral Mountain.

4. Go kayaking in one of the area’s many crystal-clear lakes for bright sunshine and reinvigorating fresh air.

5. Enjoy a premium chocolate tasting and learn about how European chocolate making traditions have been infused with locally sourced Patagonian ingredients.

6. Bariloche offers an abundance of freshwater fly fishing experiences for both novices and advanced anglers – try your hand at wading (great for beginners) or floating (better for the experienced), in the most pristine setting.

7. Set out on a hike in search of endemic condors with our local condor expert and watch these enormous and fascinating birds glide high up thermal drifts and down into beautiful forested valleys.

8. Go brewery hopping near Bariloche town and check out the local beer scene, heavily influenced by Bavarian traditions yet developed using their own local flavors.


9. Rock climbing and rappelling are sure to get every adrenaline junkie’s blood pumping with varied and dramatic topography to explore in Bariloche – whether you’re going up or down, the incredible lakeside escarpments will not be something you soon forget.

10. For crying out loud – relax! Although Bariloche is a fantastic destination for active experiences, many of the lovely hotels and estancias offer yoga, massages, spa treatments, and cozy fireplaces perfect for curling up with a drink.