The Endemic: The Perfect Cruise for Non-Cruisers

If you’ve never thought of yourself as a cruise person, think again. Classic cruise ships have recently experienced a transformation. Gone are the days of massive ships with cramped quarters, and few luxurious amenities. Tons of new, 5-star cruise ships have launched, making luxury cruising an emerging trend.

28 November 2018


The Best way to see the wild and wonderful Galapagos Islands is by boat, and we promise, you won’t miss out on any of the comforts of a high-end hotel while sailing around this region. Latin Expert, Jack gives us the scoop on why the Endemic Galapagos cruise should go on your bucket list.

Growing up in the land locked state of Colorado, I didn’t spend a lot of time on boats. Being on the high seas is not something I consider familiar, and to be honest, being stuck on a ship with a bunch of strangers makes me feel a bit uneasy. Let’s face it, not everyone belongs on a ship. However, the best way to observe the diverse wildlife and topography of the Galapagos Islands is aboard a cruise. Out of the thirteen main islands only four are inhabited, so the only way to arrive to most of these islands is via boat.

But what if you can’t imagine yourself on a cramped boat, rocking back and forth for a week? What if you’re the type of person that needs their space or else you go a little crazy? What if you want to have a luxurious experience and are nervous this will be sacrificed if you chose the cruising option?

Well, there is a brand-new boat that is perfect for you and it is called the Endemic!

The Endemic is the newest boat sailing in the Galapagos at the moment and it really shows. It is a very spacious, 16-person catamaran that takes the idea of a luxury cruise to the next level. Here are the specific reasons that the Endemic feels more like a floating 5-star hotel than a boat.

The Huge amount of space

The yacht’s length is 115 ft and has only eight suites. Each of these suites has a grand total of 344 sq ft. With large sliding glass doors, a spacious balcony, and even a small couch in each room, you will never feel confined while in your sleeping quarters. With an enormous sky deck, two living rooms, and two other smaller outdoor areas, there’s plenty of room to comfortably spread out aboard the Endemic.

The Amenities are top notch

The ship has Wi-Fi that works better than mine at home, a bubbling jacuzzi to welcome you after a day of exploring, three big screen TVs perfect for relaxing around in the evening and that’s just scratching the surface, you will not have to sacrifice any of the amenities that you would want on vacation.

The 5-Star Service

An advantage of having a brand-new ship is that it is a desirable place to work. With new and more spacious staff facilities, word spread quickly throughout the existing boat crews around the islands. For this reason, the Endemic was able to hand pick their crew from the best of the best on existing boats around the islands. This translates into years and years of experience, the most talented chefs around, a crew that knows exactly how to make a Galapagos cruise run effortlessly, and perhaps most importantly, a phenomenal expert naturalist guide with over 20 years of experience, who really reveals the unique flora and fauna of the islands in a special way.

The Food

A common concern when choosing a cruise is the food. Will the produce be fresh? Will the quality be sufficient? Will the meals be redundant? I can honestly say that The Endemic had some of the best food I ate during my month in Peru and Ecuador. A healthy mix of local and international dishes, fresh fruit and vegetables, coffee grown in the Galapagos, you name it. We never had a repeat dish and were always left satisfied after meals.

The Various Different Itineraries

There are a variety of itineraries to chose from. Different lengths, different islands, and different routes make it easy to find a voyage that fits your schedule and desires. For those that don’t want to commit to a full week on a boat, try their short but sweet 3-night cruise.

The Quality Gear

Unlike other boats in the Galapagos, snorkel gear and wet suits are always included on the Endemic. They are of the highest quality and are new just like the boat. Other gear includes glass-bottom kayaks and stand-up paddle boards for a different way to approach the beautiful islands.

It’s a steady ride

The catamaran design makes the Endemic much more stable at sea. For those who are worried about sea-sickness, you will have a smoother, less rocky ride on a catamaran. The Endemic is also a larger ship which will help to keep things steady if the seas get rough.

Give us a call to find out more about the Endemic and our other luxury cruises in the Galapagos Islands.

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